Pulau Kapas, Terengganu

Haaaahhhh.. Another great escapade in our own backyard. Christian Care Centre and a few families and friends had a weekend getaway in good old Terengganu. A little over 400kms from the capital. It was a smooth drive all the way and a great fellowship with the boys.

Hubby and I for one will never miss out on a tour of the island by ourselves. A few of the boys decided to follow us as well, and we managed to find a mysterious cave of which we named it 'Peter's Cave' as he found it first. I was a bit adamant to go in but what the heck, I walked that far, surely I wanted to be part of everything we found.

And so I crawled in!! It was a cool cave indeed.

We stayed at a bungalow just beside the seaside. I requested for a room overseeing the sea and we got it. Whee! It was really awesome. The room was big enough for 5-6 people to sleep in, which of course have to add matresses and pillows. For 3 days and 2 nights, we only had to pay less than RM 300 for the room. Coolness! The important thing is that it was clean, and comfortable.

Here are some snapshots of hubby and son bonding time.

I think there was also some fiesta going on in town and there were some mini concerts and bazaar. But what attracted son was this :

Eventually he did have his pony ride.

We did went to this cute little cafe of which served the most unique kind of Roti Canai ever. I really cannot remember the shop's name but I will go there again the next time I am around. However we did trashed the uncle's cafe with durians!! It was the season (to be jolly) back then, so instead of buying like 5 or 10 kilos of the fruit, hubby suggested to buy ONE whole basket!! They ate at the roadside, they ate near the beach, and as I said they made a racquet at the cafe, all drunk with durian intoxication. Tssk tsssk tssk.. grown men+durian=madness!!

I do not mind coming here again as I would love to go snorkelling or island hopping next time. In-laws are planning a trip down to Terengganu, their homeground for nearly a decade. More pictures of Terengganu and its splendours the next time around!

The Bead Girl

I came across a vibrant, interesting site a few months ago via my Entrecard (hail EC!), and I have been a frequent visitor henceforth. I have always been fascinated by hand made, do-it-yourself items of which potrays the creativity of the creator to the max.

I like this site Studio Jewel - Journey of A Jeweller by Lisa, a mom of 4 beautiful kids from the States. Here is an excerpt from her Etsy site.

"Please check out my different pieces that are meant to bring AWARENESS or tell a story. I call them Purpose-"full". They all have some kind of purpose, some based on my faith, others to give money back to different organizations. They are truly the heartbeat of my business."

It is always nice to hear a businessperson putting personal touches on their products. I guess it would mean a little bit more to the customer as well as they can relate to the product they are wearing.

For example, the earrings above are included in her AIDS or Heart Disease Awareness Pieces. I guess once the inspiration comes in, the creativity just follows through after that.

Do check out her Etsy site for more cool stuff!

Another new hangout

So this is my revelation. It has not hit that KABOOM stage yet, but I do have a lot of ideas for jalanjalancariidea.

Well basically here are this blog's basic mission and vision:

1. To be a source of new information for readers to find out things that is of interests and where to find them

2. To realize readers that even the small things in life are important and as special as the ones that have been publicized or commercialized.

3. An opportunity for any opportunist to be creative and showcase their talents and whatever that they can think of.

Actually there are a lot more objectives and mission. I do hope that my thinking cap will be working again and I will be sure to update them here.

Till then do enjoy the entries!

Edna @ Lxndreasb